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Uncompensated Care Eligibility

PURPOSE:  To assist patients unable to pay for basic, medically necessary hospital-level care by providing the opportunity to obtain financial assistance through internal charitable guidelines demonstrated under Wood County Hosptial’s internal  Uncompensated Care Plan.  This plan includes write off’s of 100%.
POLICY:  To provide quality health care to patients who are unable to pay for all or a portion of their medically necessary services and who meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines or the Uncompensated Care guidelines determined and implemented by Wood County Hospital.
PROOF of  ELIGIBILITY:  Patient is determined eligible if the following guidelines are met.
• The patient is a current resident of Ohio
• The patient is not a Medicaid recipient
• The patient’s individual or family income is over the Federal Poverty Guidelines but not by more than 200% based on family size.
• The income 3 months prior to date of hospital service.
• Fixed income statements from the payer or provided on bank statements
• Oral declarations of financial status
Applications are completed and returned to the credit department and/or the financial counselor.  The account(s) if approved, are then posted as uncompensated care using transaction code 111245.  The patient is notified of all approvals or denials by the financial counselor.

Updated 02-14-2007, 08-21-2013

Updated 03/01/2014
Reviewed: April 2016, November 2017