Billing and Insurance

Paying for hospital services 

Most insurance plans cover a portion of your hospital bill. You will be billed for the hospital charges not covered by your insurance plan.


Pay Your Bills Online

Wood County Hospital offers a secure way for you to pay Wood County Hospital bills online.

Click here to pay your bill.

Filing an insurance claim

As a courtesy, Wood County Hospital will file a claim with your insurance company based upon the information you provide. Many insurance plans require pre-authorization for your hospital stay. It is the responsibility of you, the patient, and your physician to receive this authorization prior to planned admissions.

Financial counseling

Any financial concerns, questions or special needs may be discussed with a financial counselor between 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.

  • A Financial Counselor may be reached at (419) 373-7611.
  • Billing questions can be addressed by a Patient Accounts Representative at (419) 354-8972.

Charity Care

Charity Care is provided to patients who are in need of healthcare services but cannot pay for that care and may have a significant financial burden as a result of the amount required to pay.
Partial and/or full charity care is based on the individual’s ability to pay and upon meeting income eligibility criteria as established by the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

Plain Language Summary Financial Assistance Policy

Resumen redactado con lenguaje simple Política de asistencia financiera
Wood County Hospital Financial Assistance Policy

Politica de asistencia financiera Y Politica de facturacion y cobros


2021 Poverty Guidelines/ Sliding Scale

 Family Size   HCAP 100%   UNCOMP 100% UNCOMP 75%
1 $12,889 $19,320 $25,760
2 $17,420 $26,130 $34,840
3 $21,960 $32,940 $43,920
4 $26,500 $39,750 $53,000
5 $31,040 $46,560 $62,080
6 $35,580 $53,370 $71,160
7 $40,120 $60,180 $80,240
8 $44,660 $66,990 $89,320

(Families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,540 for each additional person.)

Click here for a printable charity application form in English. Click here for a printable charity application form in Spanish. Please call 419-373-7611 or 419-354-8972 for assistance or questions in completing a charity application form. Income verification is required.

Effective 01/13/2021

Zero Interest Payment Plans

Not all patients are able to pay for their out of pocket expenses upon receipt of their billing. Special arrangements have been made to offer zero interest payment plans that create an easy payment structure that spreads payments over time.

  • Easy enrollment
  • One monthly payment
  • Ability to fund multiple services on one account
  • 0% interest
  • For more information: (419) 373-7611

Professional fees

Your bill will only include charges for all hospital services you received while at Wood County Hospital. It does not include professional fees for your physician, radiologist, anesthesiologist, pathologist or other specialists. You will receive a separate bill from these individuals for their services.

Questions regarding your Wood County Hospital bill?

Contact us by phone at (419) 354-8972 or by email at For questions regarding bills from our partners, please see your bill for contact information.