Wood County Hospital was founded in 1951 with support from the Wood County community. Wood County residents believed so much in the hospital back then; they played a key role in its early development. They sold blankets, went door-to-door asking for donations, held bazaars, and even sold a heifer to generate funds to make sure those early years were healthy.

The trust and respect that has accrued over its lifetime is built on a tradition of “being there” for Wood and Henry County residents – in good times and bad – 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. There is no time when you could ask for help that it would not be there for you.

Today, with over 700 individuals employed, the Hospital is proud to be a valuable resource, ready to serve our community. We believe the strength of the community lies in having excellent health care close to home, with neighbors caring for neighbors. We’re proud to say that our community can depend on us.



Wood County Hospital Timeline

The following is a timeline of expansions and upgrade projects in the hospital's 70 year history, with the majority of the dates provided by Roger Chapman's book, Doctors on Horseback.  

  • 1951   Wood County Hospital opens with support from community members.
  • 1954   First addition adds 19 beds to the third floor.
  • 1962   First two floors of the north wing are built.
  • 1964   New emergency room constructed.
  • 1970   Extensive expansion of two floors, including addition of 42 beds, new surgery unit, new coronary and intensive care units, recovery room and more
  • 1974   Construction of medical building lower level and first floor.
  • 1978- 80  Extension upgrading and renovation, including addition of 42,000 sq. ft.
  • 1982   Renovation of maternity ward and addition of 12,600 sq. ft. on third floor and south hall.
  • 1993   Expansion of 35,000 sq. ft. renovation of admissions, emergency room, lab and physicial therapy.
  • 2000-1   Major construction and renovation, including upgrade of E.R., new rehabilitation building, replacement of power house, new front entrance and more. The brand new Maternity Ward opened with 8 birthing suites in a home-like atmosphere and a fully equipped nursery. 
  • 2005   MRI unit installed
  • 2009   The Wound Healing Center opened, treating patients using specialized outpatient care and hyperbaric oxygen for chronic wounds and non-responsive conditions.
  • 2010   Construction of 100,000 sq. ft. addtion with 10 new surgical and procedure rooms, 56 private rooms completed. New Women's Center opened. The Center for Weight Loss Surgery became nationally accredited through 2018.
  • 2013   BGSU and Wood County Hospital partnered to create the Falcon Health Center, enhancing student health care while benefiting the broader community.
  • 2014   The Maurer Family Cancer Care Center opened a new facility, bringing cancer care closer to home.
  • 2016   A new MRI unit was installed.
  • 2016   Renovation of 10 bed ICU.
  • 2017   Move and expansion of Outpatient and Infusion Center.
  • 2018   2nd Floor of Falcon Health Center built out 
  • 2018   Inpatient Medical Stabilization Program for adults with drug and alcohol related health issues 
  • 2018   Heart Failure Clinic introduction
  • 2018   Introduction of robotic surgery with the da Vinci Xi system
  • 2018  Added vascular services at Wood County Hospital
  • 2018  The Center for Weight Loss Surgery earned the Women's Choice Award
  • 2019  Introduced the Anterior Approach to hip replacement
  • 2020   Creation of Independence Health in collaboration with The Toledo Clinic
  • 2020.  Opened Independence Health primary care in Perrysburg, OH
  • 2020   Introduction of Life Path Employer Service by Independence Health
  • 2020   Opening of Independence Health General Surgery
  • 2020  Added technology in the Maurer Family Cancer Care Center to perform stereotactic radiosurgery 
  • 2020  Falcon Health Center added a primary care center
  • 2020  Opened ENT office in Bowling Green