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Obstetrics and Maternity Care

Your Stay

Your Stay

When You Arrive at the Hospital


When coming to the hospital you may enter through the front entrance during the day and go to the Welcome Center for further directions. After 5pm enter through the Emergency Department entrance and proceed to the registration desk to check in. Tell the staff your name and show your photo ID. State why you are coming to the hospital and be prepared to share your insurance card.

Your Room

The private room is located on the 3rdfloor. Each birthing suite is a private room with a couch, recliner, dining table and chairs, phone, TV, and bathroom (hair dryers included).

To access free Wi-Fi:

  • Make sure your device is configured for a wireless connection.
  • Go to your device’s settings. Select WCHGUEST as your Wi-Fi network
  • Ask your nurse what the password is then click “Connect”

How we care for you

After registration, you will be evaluated by a labor and delivery nurse in the Family Birthing Center who will then notify your doctor or the doctor on call that you have arrived.

  • If you are in active labor or if you are scheduled to be induced or scheduled for a cesarean section, you will be admitted to a private delivery room
  • If you are scheduled for a cesarean section, you will be admitted to a private delivery room and should arrive 2 hours before your surgery. You will receive a pre-op call the day before surgery with instructions.
  • If you are not in labor you will be free to go home.


Once you are in your room, a nurse will speak with you and

  • Ask you more questions about your health history and lifestyle
  • Continue to check your health and the baby’s health by applying the fetal monitor
  • Work with you to make your birth experience pleasant
  • Place and intravenous (IV) line, if needed, to give you fluids and medicines during your hospital stay

Care after delivery

  • We will Keep you and baby together as much as possible in your room. One nurse will care for the both of you
  • Take baby’s footprints for the birth record. You may want to bring a baby book to capture this ink imprint for yourself
  • Talk to you about newborn screening tests and what the results of these mean for your baby’s health
  • Teach you about baby care, from dressing and bathing, to feeding and diapering.
  • Talk to you about care for mom in the first days and weeks after pregnancy.
  • Respect your need for privacy and rest. We will do our best to care for you and baby quickly and quietly.
  • Answer all your questions and work to make your stay pleasant and comfortable

Patient Safety

We want all moms and babies to feel safe and comfortable. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your baby’s safety during your stay. For your safety and your baby’s safety the Family Birthing Center entrance door is secured with an alarm and is locked at all times. Visitors must be let in by a staff member or the support person is able to unlock the door with a card that is given to them on admission.

Identification Bands

Identification (ID) bands are placed on the Baby’s mother, Baby, and Support person

  • Keep these bands on at all times. Do not remove the ID band until baby goes home. Bands are checked by staff any time you and baby are separated. Baby can only be given to the mother/support person that is wearing the matching band number.


Footprints are placed on the Identification sheet and placed in the baby chart

Infant Safety 

Your baby needs to be in a crib when:

  • You walk in the hallway with baby
  • You shower or use the bathroom
  • You travel to and from the nursery
  • Baby has a screening test or procedure completed
  • Follow the ABC guidelines for baby safe sleep

Before You Go Home

  • You will need to be discharged by the OB doctor that is on call and the baby needs to be discharged by the on call pediatrician.
  • We will teach you how to take care of yourself and the baby in the first days and weeks after delivery.
  • Discharge instructions will be reviewed with you
  • Let the nurse know any questions you may have or anything that you may be uncomfortable with
  • Postpartum Toolkit