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Obstetrics and Maternity Care

Your Healthcare Team

Your Healthcare Team

Your Doctor (OBGYN)

He or she will plan your care while you are in the hospital. The baby will be seen by a Pediatrician who will plan the newborns care while in the hospital.


Manage your care, give comfort, medication, and ensure a safe environment. They teach you and your family about your care and your baby’s care before going home. They wear pink ID badges with their credentials RN.

Here are some other staff you may see in your room:

Lactation Consultant (RN)

Assist and support you with breastfeeding

OB Secretary

She will talk to you about the Birth Certificate and Social Security card paperwork

Environmental Services

Staff that will help to keep your room clean during your hospital stay.

Nutrition Services

Staff will visit daily to deliver and pick up menus. A dietician may visit if ordered by the physician.

Lab Tech

Tech will be in to draw blood on admission and possibly the day after you deliver