Paying for Surgery

Many insurance companies as well as Medicaid and Medicare, now recognize obesity as a substantial health risk and are paying for bariatric surgery. Our Financial Counselor will work with you and your insurance company to determine your eligibility for approval of weight loss surgery.

If you aren’t covered or are uninsured, we can assist you in finding alternative financing options to pay for your care.

Some of the common questions we hear are:

Will my insurance cover bariatric surgery?

Some insurance carriers do not provide coverage for bariatric surgery. You must call your carrier directly to verify coverage and benefits. Ask specifically if surgical treatment of “morbid obesity” is covered.

If your insurance carrier does cover bariatric surgery, you will need to go through the approval process, which involves meeting specific requirements. If you are denied, meet the requirements and try again. If you have an exclusion on your policy for weight loss surgery, it will not be possible to get an approval.

What are the insurance company requirements?

Most insurance companies adhere to national guidelines regarding requirements for weight loss surgery. Documentation of the last three to five years of your primary care physician’s progress notes with documentation of your health conditions is required by most carriers. In addition, many also require that you participate in a physician supervised weight management program.

Does the program accept Medicare?

The Center for Weight Loss Surgery accepts Medicare eligible patients whose bariatric surgery must be performed at a Center of Excellence.

Does the program accept Medicaid?

Yes, but pre-approval from Medicaid is necessary before you can schedule a consultation with the CWLS. Their requirements are very similar to commercial insurers.

Does the program offer self-pay or financing options?

For those patients who are uninsured or do not have weight loss surgery benefits with their current insurance plan, we offer a variety of financing options. Our financial counselor will help you navigate the options upon request.

How long does it take to pre-authorize my surgery?

Each insurance company has its own set of rules regarding surgical pre-authorization and they commonly request more information before approving or disapproving. The approval process can take up a month or more.


If you have questions about our payment options, call us at 877-705-2957, option #4 or contact us online at info@bariatricprocedures.org. Our hours are  Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.