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Weight Loss Surgery

Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

At Wood County Hospital, we offer a comprehensive medical weight loss option called the START program.

START stands for the many facets required for an effective weight loss plan.

  • Support
  • Total body and mind
  • Assessment
  • Ready
  • Transformation

Dr. Peter Lalor and his team will guide you through your weight loss journey using the latest treatment in evidence-based medicine and therapy. These systems provide the best results in improving long-term health and meeting your weight loss goals.

This effective program is multidisciplinary and includes dietitian counseling, exercise counseling, and behavioral therapy. The average weight loss ranges between 5-10% of your body weight over six months. 

Our team includes Dr. Lalor, double Board Certified in obesity medicine and surgery, Laura Carder, C-NP, Martha Gonzalez, dietitian/exercise specialist and Lynette Crow, our licensed social worker specializing in weight loss support and therapy.

Call today to find your next steps to long-term weight loss and a healthier you. 1-877-705-2957