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Calculate Your BMI

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Calculate Your Body Mass Index

Our BMI calculator is a quick and easy way to determine if you’re at risk for health problems related to your weight. Simply input your height and weight to reveal your BMI. The lower your number, the smaller your risk.

What do the numbers mean?

Below 18.5      Underweight

18.5 – 25        Normal weight

25 – 30           Overweight

30 – 34.9        Obese

35-40             Severe Obesity

40+                Morbid Obesity

If your BMI is greater than 35 (or you’re more than 100 pounds overweight), you could be at risk for problems like diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, asthma and more and you may want to consider weight loss surgery.

Take the first step to lasting weight loss right now. Request more information about our Center for Weight Loss Surgery or register for a weight loss seminar.