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Worksite Wellness Gold

The Healthy Business Council of Ohio (HBCO) will recognize 100 Ohio employers for healthy worksite practices during the virtual In-Value-Able Virtual Conference Series on February 4, 2021. Among the recipients being honored is WCH.

The Healthy Worksite Award recognizes Ohio employers who demonstrate a commitment to employee wellness through comprehensive worksite health promotion and wellness programs. Applicants are scored on the extent their programs facilitate and encourage employee health, enhance productivity and ensure a healthy work environment.

All applications were reviewed and evaluated using objective criteria. Four levels of high achievement were awarded in 2020 —Bronze, Silver, Gold and, new in 2020, Platinum. The HBCO chose to add the Platinum level of achievement in 2020 in an effort to continue to encourage program growth in employer sites throughout the state who have, in recent years, consistently received the previous maximum achievement level of Gold.

“I am honored to accept this award on behalf of Wood County Hospital. This award is a representation of various departments in our hospital who work together to support the health, safety and well-being of our employees and staff. We work hard every day to bring about awareness of our employees’ health, lifestyle choices and risks, as well as assist our employees to engage in healthier lifestyles. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proud of the way our team adapted to meet employee needs and continues to work together to anticipate and respond to the needs of our employees, our patients and the community. It is a great opportunity to take the values of our organization and put them into practice, shared Teri Laurer, director of wellness and occupational medicine.

During the virtual conference scheduled in February, Teri will share with other award recipients the employee well-being efforts that WCH developed in response to COVID.

These initiatives include:

  • An Employee Wellness Room was available as a quiet, calming space for frontline workers to use 24/7. The room included free snacks, stretching exercises and coloring stations for stress relief with comfortable chairs, soothing music, and info on self-care and mental health.
  • A respite area was set up for employees to sleep and shower if they preferred not to go home following their shift.
  • Childcare resources to match young adults that could care for children.
  • To recognize the hard work of employees during Hospital Week, together with local partners, individually packaged donated meals and snacks were provided. A video of support with notes of gratitude was also shared to lift spirits and show appreciation.
  • Frequent, clear messaging with updates from WCH President Stan Korducki. A company-wide text messaging system to ensure employees on and off campus stayed up-to-date on critical information was implemented. An internal coronavirus webpage was created to share information and allow employees to anonymously submit questions to a clearinghouse committee.
  • Wellness-centered emails were sent to employees focusing on physical, social and mental health. Information about the hospital’s Employee Assistance Program was also shared in a variety of formats with employees on a regular basis.