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Nicole Contreras Receives WOW Award for Providing Exceptional Care

The WOW Patient Experience Initiative recognizes team members who engage with patients/families, visitors and employees in exceptional ways, providing a superior level of commitment and reflecting the values of Wood County Hospital. Nicole Contreras, Receptionist at Falcon Health Center, was selected as the October WOW award winner for going above and beyond. 

When confronted with a challenging crisis call, Nicole turned a routine Friday into a day that showcased her professionalism and dedication to helping others and ensuring the safety and well-being of FHC patients.

The incident unfolded when a distressed patient called FHC, expressing urgent mental health concerns and revealing alarming thoughts about self-harm. Without hesitation, Nicole sprang into action, reaching out for assistance to ensure the situation could be diffused effectively.

Nicole spoke with the patient and gathered essential information from the individual, keeping him talking and engaged until authorities could safely approach him.

What sets Nicole’s response apart is her ability to manage the crisis and convince the patient to allow the authorities to intervene and provide assistance. Her quick thinking and clear communication focused on the patient’s safety and the safety of the children in the house.

Sam D., R.N., clinical lead with Employer Services at Falcon Health Center, commended her professionalism, noting that she never missed a beat and her voice was strong and confident. “If any of my family members were experiencing a crisis,” Dible remarked, “I hope that someone like Nicole is there to help.”

Nicole has been a receptionist at FHC for just a month and a half. Her choice to join FHC was motivated by a desire to help patients during their times of sickness and witness their journey to recovery. Beyond her duties, Nicole brings positivity into the workplace, 

“I feel that I have done my job when I see I’ve made an impact on their day,” Nicole said.

Nicole was born and raised in Bowling Green and will attend the Summit Salon Academy in Perrysburg to study cosmetology. Something people would be surprised to know about her is that she also attended Penta Career Center for Small Animal Care in High School. While there, she groomed dogs, observed surgeries and graduated with her veterinary assistant license.