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Meta Pixels

Wood County Hospital was recently sued over the use of Meta pixels on our website. The hospital had two Meta pixels on the Wood County Hospital website. However, no individual’s health information was shared.  

When you visit a website, your device's Internet Protocol, commonly called an IP address, is detected. An IP address does not identify an individual but is assigned by an internet service provider to a device. Additionally, meta pixels on the site can gather extra information about a visit, like which pages are viewed or for how long. While this data can be used for advertising, it does not identify individuals or share personal health information.  

Similar lawsuits are affecting hospitals nationwide, with efforts led by the American Hospital Association to end the pixel lawsuits. The hospital has settled the lawsuit to redirect focus and resources to patient care. We thank our community for its ongoing support and assure you that patient care and privacy have always been, and will remain, top priorities.