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March WOW Award Winner – Leah Bechstein and Elizabeth Suzor

The WOW Patient Experience Initiative recognizes team members who engage with patients/families, visitors and employees in exceptional ways, providing a superior level of commitment and reflecting the values of Wood County Hospital. Leah Bechstein, speech therapist, and Elizabeth Suzor, speech therapist coordinator, were selected as the March WOW award winners for going above and beyond in their roles and exemplifying Wood County Hospital’s values. 

Leah has worked as a speech therapist in the Rehabilitation Services department for 10 years. After working as a transporter in the Radiology department as an undergraduate student and completing her final internship at Wood County Hospital, Leah knew she wanted to come back and work full-time. Leah said watching kids do things they have not done yet and parents lighting up with excitement is the most rewarding part of her job.

Elizabeth has worked as a Speech Therapist for over 21 years in the Rehabilitation Services department and recently stepped into her new role as coordinator this past year. Treating her youngest patient at four hours old to her oldest at 103 years old, Elizabeth enjoys the variety her job provides. Elizabeth shared the most rewarding part of her job is helping others increase their skills for greater function in daily life. 

In February 2021, Leah and Elizabeth spent time in the Obstetrics department assisting staff and the parents of one of their tiniest patients learning to suck and swallow. Their expertise, knowledge, skill and dedication to improving the lives of others made a remarkable difference in the care for this baby. Without their support, this baby more than likely would have been transferred out to a higher level of care. After many staff members struggled to find the right interventions, these two individuals knew exactly how to resolve the issue. Elizabeth even traveled outside of the hospital to find supplies to support the needs of the baby – a generous act of service and care! Thank you, Elizabeth and Leah, for your dedication and commitment to Wood County Hospital and providing outstanding patient care.