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Little Hats, Big Hearts

February is American Heart Month, and in connection with The Children’s Heart Foundation and the American Heart Association, Wood County Hospital (WCH) is honoring babies, moms, and heart-healthy lives in a special way. Volunteers have donated knitted and crocheted red hats for the babies born in the Family Birthing Center at Wood County Hospital this month. Throughout the country, supporters are making hats to be given out to thousands of babies across the country to empower moms to live heart-healthy lives and to help their children do the same.


With the American Heart Association, we are working to raise awareness of the importance of heart health and knowledge about congenital heart defects to our families at Wood County Hospital. The American Academy of Pediatric states, “Congenital Heart Disease occurs in nine of every 1000 live births. Approximately one quarter of these children will have Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD), which by definition requires surgery of catheter intervention in the first year of life.” All babies born in the Wood County Hospital Birthing Center are screened for Critical Congenital Heart Disease after 24 hours of age.


“We are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who wish to share their talent with babies born at Wood County Hospital’s Family Birthing Center. Thank you to our volunteers, Amijo and friends, from the entire Obstetric team for designing unique red hats for each baby born the month of February.” – Lisa Barndt, Director of Obstetrics.


Little Hats, Big Hearts was started in February 2014 in Chicago, IL collecting 300 hats. Today, over 40 states participate in the program.