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Doug Conkey Passes on Wellington Woodruff Tradition

Since 1995, Doug Conkey, WCH maintenance mechanic, has been at fairs, parades, wellness events, and many other community functions giving a friendly wave and greeting as Wellington WoodRuff. The name and the St. Bernard dog were chosen in 1995 as part of a hospital contest to select a mascot. Known for their tales of heroic rescue missions after bad snowstorms bringing medical aid to those in need, the St. Bernard was selected.


Doug shared that the idea for the mascot was to help school-age children to not be afraid of visiting the hospital. During his time as Wellington WoodRuff, Doug has had many fun experiences but shared his most memorable experience was roller-blading as Wellington in one of the parades. With his coming retirement after 40 years at WCH, Doug will be passing on the tradition to Anderson Lee, who will be taking over as Wellington. Congratulations to Doug on his retirement.