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December WOW Award Winner – Jayden Herrin

The WOW Patient Experience Initiative recognizes team members who engage with patients/families, visitors and employees in exceptional ways, providing a superior level of commitment and reflecting the values of Wood County Hospital. Jayden Herrin, dietary aide, was selected as the December 2022 WOW award winner for going above and beyond. 

“Jayden’s kindness and excellent customer service certainly saved me from what could have been a very different outcome. Beyond that, he reminded me that kindness and compassion still exist! WCH is a better place because of Jayden!”

When a WCH employee with type 2 diabetes realized her blood sugar had dropped to dangerously low levels and she did not have food or a drink at her workstation, she made her way to the Cafeteria. The employee slowly walked down to the Cafe using the handrails, feeling increasingly weaker and lightheaded and concerned she would collapse at any moment.

Upon seeing the employee, Jayden instantly realized something wasn’t quite right and asked if her if she was ok. The staff member responded with, “No, my sugar is low. I have to eat something quick.” Jayden helped her select an appropriate snack and told her to have a seat while he rang up the purchase. Jayden kept engaging the staff member in conversation and chose activities like wiping down tables near the staff member to keep an eye on the situation, making sure she was ok.

Jayden has been with the WCH dietary team for the past 9 months. He shared that what he has enjoyed most is being able to make someone’s day brighter, whether that be by serving them food or even just talking to them about their day.

When asked what inspires his positivity, Jayden shared, “I’ve learned over the years that asking someone how they are doing and greeting them in a positive way can go a long way, and positivity brings out the best in people, which brings out the best in me.” 

Jayden is attending BGSU this spring studying business and real estate. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing and has an interest in animals, classic cars and car detailing. A little know fact about Jayden is that he is a talented singer and sang in a church choir and can also play the piano.

Thank you Jayden for providing joyful, welcoming and caring customer service to our employees, patients and visitors.