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Betty Lemon Supports WCH Through Countless Face Mask Donations

Betty Lemon, RN (Mother of Dr. Michael Lemon – WCH Chief Medical Officer), was a NICU nurse and nurse educator for many years and is now retired. With the arrival of COVID-19, she recognized the importance of having sufficient PPE for all ages. For the past nine months, Betty has made and donated over 1,000 homemade masks, including holiday masks, to Wood County Hospital.

Laurie Newlove, who has been managing the mask donations throughout the pandemic, shared the story of Betty’s support of WCH.
“Dr. Mike Lemon was the first person who discussed the cloth masks with me and the potential need for them as we entered the uncharted COVID arena. His mom, Betty, began making the masks with an aluminum nose piece, which takes more time but helps to mold the mask to the face just like surgical masks.”

“Within a week, Dr. Lemon was in my office with a grocery sack full of masks hand made by his mother. They were beautifully handcrafted masks in cheery, bright materials, and it was great fun to begin handing them out. As time (and COVID) went on, it became a weekly meet up as Dr. Lemon dropped off masks. They soon were already washed; some were for children, with pediatric designs. The flow has not stopped for nearly nine months. Mrs. Lemon and other family members also made numerous treats for the staff, blessing the WCH workers with delicious homemade cookies, brownies and other delights! Betty has also sent heartwarming notes, and her kindness never quits. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Lemon, a petite, spunky lady with a huge generous heart,” shared Laurie.

We are so grateful for the continued kindness and support from community members like Mrs. Lemon. Many individuals have donated their talents and countless hours producing thousands of masks, purchasing fabric and supplies.

These masks are handed out at the Wood County Hospital ER entrance, Rehab Building, and Falcon Health Center for patients and their families who did not have a mask. The masks are also given to staff and the medical offices for their employees and patients. The time and creativity of these individuals have not gone unnoticed and is much appreciated. This kind gesture has helped Wood County Hospital work together to help stop the spread.