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ACLS & BLS Training Saves Lives

Wood County Hospital Pharmacist Kathy Ballard’s BLS training saved the life of fellow coworker and friend Marti Richards at a gathering at Kathy’s house earlier this month. Due to a syncopal episode, Marti fell to the floor unconscious and Kathy and Shirley Redfern, cardiac nurse practitioner quickly went into action. The two were unable to find a pulse on Marti. Being BLS certified, Kathy immediately started chest compressions and after 30 chest compressions Marti woke up. Shortly after Marti regained consciousness, EMS arrived at the house and Marti was sent to a nearby hospital and has since recovered from the incident.

As a result of Kathy’s quick attention, Marti survived and now shares the importance of BLS training. “Knowing Basic Life Support is so important, it truly did save my life and I am so grateful for what she did,” said Marti. The American Heart Association stresses how important every second is when it comes to surviving a cardiac event and maintaining mental and physical capacities following the event. After the heart stops, the brain is immediately deprived of oxygen, which is why every passing minute before CPR is performed a person’s chances of survival decreases by 10%.