Cardiac Rehabilitation


The cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help people with cardiac problems recover faster and improve their quality of life. The medically-supervised program includes structured exercise, education counseling and support for patients who have experienced a cardiac event within the last year. The program aids patients in improving their overall physical, mental and social functioning. The goal is to help patients return to a state of wellness equal to or greater than their previous condition.

The Wood County Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program offers both Phase II and III rehabilitation programs.

Phase II takes place after a cardiac event such as a heart attack or heart surgery. Clients are monitored during each session. It is usually covered by insurance.
Phase III is a maintenance program for patients who have completed Phase II. It is not usually covered by insurance.

What to expect in the cardiac rehabilitation program

  • At the first visit, the patient will be oriented to cardiac rehabilitation and will receive a nursing assessment.
  • Sessions last approximately one hour.
  • Sessions consist of medically monitored aerobic activity.
  • During each exercise session heart, vital signs and pulse oximetry (oxygen saturation) are monitored.
  • Patients have the opportunity to interact with others who have experienced similar events and may take part in the support system the program offers.

Making an appointment

A physician referral is necessary to make an appointment at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department. For additional information, please call 419-354-8850