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Pain Management

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Pain Management Success Stories

The stories below come from the Center for Pain Management's patients. Thanks to the Center for Pain Management, these individuals have resumed their normal lives.   


Holly Cummings suffered back pain for several years due to a herniated disk. After many unsuccessful attempts to relieve the pain, Holly came to Wood County Hospital for pain management, where she got a spinal cord stimulator. Holly was surprised by how quickly she felt relief. Her pain continued to improve, and in April 2023, Holly was able to complete the Glass City half marathon pain-free.


“I got my stimulator April 22, 2022. I could not believe the relief I had gotten so quickly! I signed up to run the Glass City half marathon in May of 2022 before I was even cleared from surgery because I knew it was changing my life for the better. On April 23, 2023, I was able to complete the Glass City half marathon PAIN FREE! I was finally able to stick with a training program and had no pain in my back at any point during those 16 weeks. I cannot believe I went from barely being able to sit comfortably to being able to run a half marathon in 1 year. It was absolutely life changing.”

  • Holly Cummings


Pain and Spine Management - Holly Cummings Testimonial

Center for Pain & Spine Management Patient Testimonial