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Heart and Vascular Services

Expert cardiovascular testing and rehabilitation

Heart Failure Clinic

The Heart Failure Clinic at Wood County Hospital, led by Board Certified Cardiologist Dr. Brent DeVries, provides specialized care and education for patients who have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Our multidisciplinary team assists by providing the tools necessary to manage your condition and avoid hospital admissions. Treatment is aimed to improve your quality of life through lifestyle changes and drug therapy.

For more information, call (419) 354-8905

Physician Communication

Communication will be provided to your physician from a member of the heart failure clinic team. Your primary care physician, cardiologist and other providers will be involved in your treatment plan.

Heart Failure Clinic Services

  • Provide treatments
  • Monitor and adjust medications
  • Education on management of your condition and how to control symptoms
  • Develop a comprehensive care plan that meets heart failure management guidelines
  • Work collaboratively with your primary care physician, cardiologist, and other providers to make adjustments to medications or your treatment plan as needed

What to Expect During Treatment

Through our comprehensive program, we will assess your current health, review your medications and ensure your needs are being met. You will also receive education and information to better understand your condition, and address your concerns and questions.