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Children’s Wellness

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Children's wellness is a growing concern in the United States. Today, our children face many serious health issues. These issues include poor nutrition, inactive lifestyles, increasing stress levels with little knowledge of how to handle it, and a general lack of understanding of the importance of hand-washing and general good hygiene. 

Wellness Works is dedicated to helping children learn to make healthy lifestyle choices. Through interactive presentations, activities and health fairs, we offer children the opportunity to learn essential skills for staying healthy.

The Following Programs are Available:


Stuffee is a 7-foot, overstuffed, blue-haired doll that turns "inside out" to reveal all the major abdominal organs for a fun-filled anatomy lesson. 

High Five 

This presentation is designed for children in preschool to third grade. It teaches children proper hygiene and how to stay healthy. 

Wellness 4 Kids! 

This program is made up of a collection of interactive presentations that teach children the importance of staying healthy and safe. Some of the presentations include how to make healthy food choices, sun safety, proper hygiene, safety tips to avoid the ER and much more! 

Fitness Is Fun! 

Teaches children the benefits of exercise and the importance of staying active. They will also learn different types of exercises that are fun and easy to perform at home and anywhere at any time. 

Peace Out: Leave Stress Behind 

Teaches students about relaxation, focusing, and centering themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. They will learn to calm their minds and concentrate on the task at hand. 

Veggie Basics 101 

This program offers a variety of tools for children to incorporate vegetables into everyday life. It will feature and teach about a special veggie of the day with veggie tastings, recipes and nutrition tips to use at home.