General Information

Patient Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is greatly respected at Wood County Hospital. A person designated by the patient will be provided with an access code to be used whenever requesting information about patient condition. If you do not have the access code, please do not question staff about patient condition unless you are authorized to do so by the patient.

Smoking Policy

To promote the good health of patients and staff, and to emphasize the dangers of tobacco use, Wood County Hospital provides a tobacco-free campus. Do not smoke or use tobacco products in hospital buildings or while on the hospital campus.


Cellular telephones may be used anywhere in the hospital. If interference with clinical equipment occurs, hospital staff will ask you to discontinue use of the telephones. The use of the “camera” function of cell phones with cameras is prohibited due to privacy laws.

Computers and Wireless Access

For our visitor’s convenience, we provide computers with Internet access in study carrels in the second-floor waiting room. Passwords are not required.


A Glass City Federal Credit Union ATM Is located next to the Emergency Department/Admitting entrance.

Areas for Your Family and Friends

Surgery Waiting Area: Volunteers staff the Surgery Waiting Area beginning at 8:00 a.m. until the afternoon. This area is located on the first floor, adjacent to the Surgery Department. For our visitors' comfort and convenience, we provide reading materials, puzzles, and television, as well as lockers for personal items. There are also two private conference rooms available for family and friends to meet with the surgeons following the patient's surgery.

Second Floor Lounges: In addition to the public waiting area on the second floor, each wing has family lounges that a patient's family and friends are available to use.

Chapel: All are invited to visit the Hospital Chapel located on the second floor, at the base of the walkway. The serentiy of our non-denominational Chapel can offer a peaceful reprieve for those coping with the illness of a loved one.