Testing, Discharge & Fact Sheet

Wood County Hospital offers COVID-19 (PCR) virus testing as well as antibody testing with a physician order.

Call registration at 419-373-7615 to make an appointment for virus testing. Antibody testing does not need an appointment. You may come through the ED entrance and visit registration. You will be required to wear a mask for testing.

Your testing will be sent to Quest Laboratories. It may take four to seven days for the results.

Do not call the laboratory for your results. Results are immediately accessible through My Health Records to view your results as soon as they become available.  You may also contact your ordering provider.

If the PCR results are positive, you will receive a call from the Wood County Health Department. 

If you do not have a My Health Records login, please contact registration at 419-373-7615.

For more information: 

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