Wood County Hospital has implemented a visitation policy for those that are COVID positive inpatients. Though the guidelines are more limiting for the visitor's protection, this allows for personal interaction with a loved one during the patient's stay. Emotional well-being plays a significant role in healing. 


"Wood County Hospital is committed to providing a COVID safe environment for all patients and visitors. As we have lived through the pandemic, the physicians and infection control experts here have developed processes and guidelines to keep us as safe as possible yet allow us to treat patients. Initially, when COVID-19 came to the community, visitors were not permitted to see COVID patients at WCH. The policy has some limitations but we feel that adjustments were important to allow patients recovering from COVID-19 to have the "emotional medicine" of a family member or friend for visitation. We strongly believe this helps with healing."-President of Wood County Hospital Stan Korducki


With the new COVID visitor guidelines, the patient may have one individual visit during their stay. Visitation hours will remain the same as standard visitation, 11 am-2 pm and 4 pm-7 pm. The visitor must only visit the patient and refrain from stopping at the gift shop, cafeteria, waiting rooms or other patient rooms. 


Visitors will check-in at the Emergency Room entrance to receive a visitor's badge and have a temperature check. All are required to wear a mask when entering the hospital. The COVID patient’s visitor will be provided with proper personal protective equipment when checking in with the nurse's station and before entering the patient room. A nurse will provide guidance on appropriate use. The patient and visitor will both wear a mask during the visit. At entry there will be a waiver that will need to be signed.


Like all individuals in the hospital, visitors must maintain the appropriate six-foot distance from others. No visitor will be allowed if having any illness symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, nausea or diarrhea. 


Visiting times may be suspended at any time for the safety of our staff and patients. Please call before arrival to confirm visiting is allowed.

 ICU - 419-354-8924 

2 West - 419-354-8741 (Rooms 2100 – 2127) 

2 East – 419-354-8742 (Rooms 2200 -2227)


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