Our hospital is closely monitoring the updates in the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. We are taking all precautions and are prepared to treat our patients if they become ill. 

Safety is our First Priority:

Here are just some of the ways we are protecting our patients and staff.

  • Limited visitation policy - see below for the most updated policy
  • All patients and those coming into the hospital must wear a mask
  • Staff wearing proper PPE at all times (including but not limited to masks, shields, gloves, & gowns)
  • Ensuring social distancing by limiting the amount of seating in our waiting areas
  • High touch public areas are cleaned all throughout the day, special attention to waiting areas, restrooms, hand rails and door knobs
  • UV Moon beam cleaning system used in the public restrooms
  • Hand sanitizer throughout the building
  • Spreading out appointment times to allow for extra time between appointments for extra cleaning of equipment
  • Phone registration and outdoor collection for COVID testing
  • Separate routes for suspect cases into the hospital than those without




To limit exposure and protect our guests and staff, the following interim visitation adjustments have been made:

Effective  11/18/20


Point of entry will be the Outpatient/Emergency Department entrance except for surgery patients.

All entering the Hospital will be asked the reason for the visit and will receive temperature and COVID-19 screening.


Wood County Hospital inpatient visitor guidelines will be based upon circumstances within our service area including consideration of the following:

Ohio Public Health Advisory System County Color Level


Yellow-Visiting allowed  (one designated visitor per day)

Orange-Visiting allowed  (one designated visitor per day)

Red-Visiting Allowed ONLY for the exceptions noted below

Purple-Visiting Allowed ONLY for the exceptions noted below


The current COVID-19 Positivity Rate (Based on Wood County Hospital COVID-19 testing results) and rates of change.


Public Health Orders or guidance issued by the State Administration, ODH, CDC, etc.


COVID-19 positive patients will only have visitors under the exceptions below:

It is recognized that as the number of cases increases (or declines) within our county, there will be shifts in our visitor policy.    Hospital Staff will be notified by email or other internal communications of changes.


Visitation Restrictions for County Color Level Status. When Wood County is under Color Level Red or Purple no visiting will be allowed except for patients meeting certain exceptions.  Exceptions will be made for the following circumstances:


End of Life

In this circumstance, as determined by the physician and/or nurse, two (2) visitors will be allowed. Nursing will notify the Temperature Monitor at extension 7648.


Patient Safety Concerns

When there is a need for a family member or guardian to be at the patient’s bedside for such things as dementia (to relieve patient anxiety and confusion), developmental delay or disability, or pediatric patients, etc. one (1) visitor is allowed.


Continuation of Care

When the Care Managers and/or Social Worker requires family involvement for discharge placement or safety concerns at home and a phone conversation is not adequate, visitors will be allowed to meet personally with the WCH staff.  In this situation, a phone call will be made to the Temperature Monitor regarding the patient, appointment time, and location of the meeting to allow one (1) visitor entrance to the Hospital. 


Emergency Department, Obstetrical, and Perioperative Patients

Emergency Department Patients may have one (1) visitor/support person for adults and two (2) visitors/support persons for pediatric patients to accompany the patient into the ED bay for the duration of the ED stay.  At the time of admission, the inpatient no visitor policy applies.


Obstetrical patients may have one (1) designated support person throughout the hospitalization.


Surgical Patients may have one (1) visitor/support person accompany the patient into the Perioperative area.  If the patient is admitted after surgery, the visitor will be allowed time with the patient in the Perioperative area until admission to the hospital.  At time of admission the inpatient no visitor policy applies.  


All visitors must adhere to the Wood County Hospital guidelines for COVID-19 screening and temperature, masking, social distancing and identification.  Screening must be negative.


Outside Meetings or Classes

The use of hospital meeting rooms will be limited in County Color Code Level status situations.  Only group activities linked to clinical patient care which can be managed with appropriate social distancing and masking may be done with the approval of Administration.  In these limited situations, entry is through the Meeting Room entrance.  The organizer must arrange to have each participant screened and temperature taken.  Large groups will not be permitted.  All visitors must adhere to the Hospital Policy of negative screening and temperature, masking, and social distancing.


An important message from the Wood County Health Department, Bowling Green City, Bowling Green State University and Wood County Hospital.


Thanks to our Staff

We have dedicated a place to share thanks, encouragement or well wishes for our staff as they work to care for our community. We will be sharing these messages with them through our internal newsletter and social media. Click here and click add to share a message or image.


Wood County Hospital announcements will be shared as they become available. For immediate updates, follow us on twitter @WCHosp.

What we know

What you should know

The most up-to-date information on the virus

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What to do if you have symptoms

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Donations - including PPE



How is COVID-19 spread?

COVID-19 is spread in the same way that seasonal flu can be spread, from person to person within close contact and through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Spread can be prevented by avoiding crowded/close conditions and frequent hand hygiene.

Who are at high risk?

Populations at high risk of severe illness are the elderly, and persons with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, COPD, or CHF.

Based on available evidence, children do not appear to be at higher risk for COVID-19 than adults. For more information about those at risk, visit the CDC’s current Risk Assessment page.

Where can I get more information?

For the latest information on Ohio’s response to COVID-19, click here. 

To contact the Ohio Department of Health call 1(833) 427-5634

To contact the Wood County Health Department, visit their website or call (419) 352-8402