Plain Language Summary Financial Assistance Policy

Wood County Hospital offers financial assistance for emergency or medically necessary care.  This financial assistance ranges from reduction in the amount of the outstanding balance up to complete forgiveness of the balance, and is provided to patients showing financial need.
Availability of Financial Assistance
Eligibility for financial assistance is determined by the ability of the patient and/or the guarantor to pay after all available resources have been utilized and available assistance programs have been assessed.  The assistance is provided on a sliding scale discount based upon verifiable total household income as a percentage of the federal poverty level (FPL) guideline. 
No person eligible for financial assistance will be charged more than individuals who have insurance for emergency or other medically necessary care.  Efforts are made to notify patients that financial assistance is available through (1) signage posted within the hospital, (2) our policy, summary document and application available for review or download from the Wood County Hospital website, (3) a paper copy of our policy, summary document and application obtainable by a staff member, (4) information included on patient billing statements, and (5) staff identification of patients with potential financial need.
About the Application Process
The process to apply for financial assistance includes these steps:
1. Complete the Application for HCAP/Financial Assistance form and include the required documents.
2. We will contact you to tell you whether you are eligible for financial assistance under our policy.
3. We can help you arrange a payment plan for any remaining charges or bills that are not covered under the financial assistance policy.
Where to Obtain Information
You may obtain an application or copy of our policy by visiting our website at www.woodcountyhospital.org/patients-visitors/billing-and-insurance.  A free copy of the policy and application form can be obtained by mail by contacting Patient Accounts at 419-373-7611 or 419-354-8972 or by mailing a request to Patient Accounts, Wood County Hospital, 950 W Wooster, Bowling Green, OH  43402.