Running Analysis


Jan 1st, 2020

Wed for 52 from 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


Running Analysis

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Video running analysis has been incorporated into Rehabilitation Services patient care since 2016, but it is now being offered to runners as a fee-based service.

The analysis allows therapists to view frame-by-frame shots of running form and identify faulty running mechanics that may contribute to running related pain or injuries.

The benefits of the analysis include:

1. Improved running efficiency and performance,

2. Prevention of running related injuries for new runners or those planning to increase mileage,

3. Assistance for injured runners to transition back into running,

You will receive a phone call from one of our therapists to schedule the appointment and need to complete a running history questionnaire prior to that appointment.

In your first visit, a 1-hour session ($75), We will review the running history questionnaire, discuss the functional strength and flexibility screen, and record the running from a posterior view, side views, and front view.

Follow up visits will consist of 30 minute sessions ($45) which will provide a copy of the running reports with still shots, personalized handouts of recommended exercises, and discuss running modifications. There may also be a brief running instruction on the treadmill if needed.