Positively Pink ~ Women's Health Event Free

Feb 21st, 2019

Thu from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Positively Pink ~ Women's Health Event

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Popular Diets of Today:  The Pros and Cons of Palo, Ketogenic and Gluten-Free

Christine Haar, MS, RD, LD- Bowling Green State Universtiy

Sara Turner-Smith, DTR- BGSU Dietetic Intern and Graduate Student

The Paleo, Ketogenic and Gulten Free diets are some of the most popular diets that are advertised today.  However, what do these diets consist of?  Are they healthy and should you even be following one of these regimes to reach your weight loss goals?

Christine Haar, Registered Dietician and Sara Turner-Smith, BGSU Dietetic Intern,  will provide the facts about these popular diets, discuss the pros and cons of these eating regimes, and educate us on how to eat in a way that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.  A food demo will also be available.

Join us for another Positively Pink evening and get the answers you need to live a long and healthy life. 

                              Registration is required!

Please call Wellness Services at 419-354-8887 with any questions.